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Responsive, compliant applications for all industries. Programming resources available for all languages.
Why Choose Us?

We are experts in Responsive Websites and Custom Mobile Apps.
We use the latest technologies and frameworks to create the best User Experience and most functional Website or Mobile App.

We make independent applications work as one. Integration can be a complex task, especially when the applications involved reside on older legacy systems or utilize different hardware or software platforms.

Go Green not only has the resources to trouble-shoot, repair and streamline your applications integration, we have the dedicated servers to house your application in a first class protected environment.

Let us take away your pain

  • What are your current headaches?
  • Does your company have the in-house resources to build and manage your website or app?
  • Do you have qualified personnel to install and manage your system?
  • Is your server traffic being monitored on a daily basis?
  • Do you have a 99.8% up-time?
  • Is your backup and restore adequate?



Mobile Apps

Statistics show that the average American spends several hours a day on a mobile device. More and more people are using a smartphone instead of a PC or laptop to search information or make purchases.

Today,  consumers spend over 85 percent of their time on their smartphones,  but the majority of that time is on non-native apps from the App Store.

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Responsive Design

Every day, hand-held devices are being introduced with the expectation that they can partially or completely replace dependence on desk-top computers, and even laptops.
Responsive Web Design is a fundamental shift in the way we program websites, allowing them to fit the screen on most devices without requiring left and right scrollbars to see the content.

Why Go Green

Our goal is to eliminate as much hardcopy as possible, and encourage businesses to go digital. There are a number of important reasons to Go Green with your business.

Besides preserving the world’s natural resources, it is more cost efficient, time saving and can eliminate hand’s on data posting at the office and the need for hard-copy in the field.Modern field reps carry digital tablets instead of briefcases



Go Green Papereless Initiative, LLC
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